All Star Teams

In addition to the Bowler of the Year, an additional 4 males and 3 females will be named to the All Star Team each season. The members of the All Star Team will be selected based on the number of points achieved for the season (August 1 – July 31)

This award will be given based solely on a scoring matrix which assigns point values to individuals based on their performance in leagues as well as in tournaments. Note: Bowlers will be responsible for reporting scoring or tournament results to ensure points are awarded.

What should you report:

Tournament Scoring / Finishes – you will need a link to the results or a digital copy of the results that can be uploaded.  Results of the GCV association tournament will automatically be included.

Honor Scores – honor scores bowled during league play will automatically be included, please report any other scores

Report scores here:

2022/2023  Jim Howard, Ryan Wilson, Ben Trueg & Nathan Wright
Dana Homolar, Amber Simpson & April Tippett