Secretary’s Award – Maggie Mennenga Award

The Secretay’s Award was established in 2003 by the Waterloo Metro Women’s Bowling Association to recognize the female who bowls the highest handicap series in the team event of the Association Tournament.
In 2009 it was renamed the Maggie Mennenga Award to honor Maggie Mennenga for her many years of service to the local women’s association.

Maggie Mennenga Award
2022 Cherie Derbyshire
2021 Connie Graham
2020 Shannon Sniegolski
2019 Abbey Akin
2018 Angi Erickson
2017 Kerri Wilson
2016 Rachel Smith
2015 Melanie Payne
2014 Connie Broell
2013 Trina lemons
2012 Patricia Davis
2011 Trina Barth
2010 Candy Retterath
2009 Cindy McCalley
Secretary’s Award
2008 No City Tournament
2007 Cherie Derbyshire
2006 Amy Greve
2005 Bobbi Bryant
2004 Diana Sidler
2003 Rhonda Schroeder