Greater Cedar Valley Hall of Fame

The Greater Cedar Valley Hall of Fame was created to perpetuate the names of those who have displayed outstanding ability in the game of bowling or who have contributed through meritorious service to the welfare and progress of bowling.  An individual may be nominated for the Greater Cedar Valley in one or both of the following categories: Skill – this candidate should have outstanding achievements in leagues, City Tournaments, Iowa State Tournaments, Women’s National Championship, Open National Championship, or other Tournaments. Meritorious Service – this candidate should have made outstanding contributions to the good and welfare of the game through administrational or organizational work, or in any other manner deemed meritorious.

2023 Andrew Buelow
2022 Kathie Aschbrenner
Jim Howard
Tim Lake
2021 Leo Beschorner
Bernie Trower*
2020 Terry Gabbard
Larry ‘Chico’ Gress
Gordy Kilpatrick
2019 Jerri Casillas
Rick Miller II
2018 Zach Beschorner
Jacob Bedard
Don and Marj Stahr*
Joe Van Quathem
Greg Wilson
2017 Angi Erickson
Jeff Sauer
Brandon Steen
Rick Wilson
2016 Rich Dean
Gearline Ketterer
Jason Peterson
Judy Toepfer
Tom Zilmer
2015 Ken Ruddy
Brad E. Wilson*
2014 Craig Barber**
Shannon Buchan
Gene Spears 2021
Janann Trower
Charli Pals
2013 Darrin Lindsey
2012 Howard Coffin**
Mark Penne
Diane Slattenow**
2011 Wanda Holm**
Tom Kendall
Dennis Marquart
Cindy McCalley
Jeanette Young*
2010  Louise Bright
Jim Johnson
Ward Lange
2009 Ron Schoephoerster**
Mike Welzin
2008 Larry Bright**
Kim Eighme
Stan Halverson
John Morgan
Neil Sauer**
Dick Tournier*
2007 Bill Bengston
Rich Eighme 2022
Florence Ramsell**
Bob Redmond*

(*Denotes posthumously)               (**Denotes deceased)

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