Greater Cedar Valley Youth Bowling Scholarships

By completing the attached application, you will be considered for up to three scholarships, depending on your eligibility for each.

Greater Cedar Valley USBC – This scholarship was created by the Greater Cedar Valley USBC to recognize and support high school seniors in the GCV Youth Bowling Program who are continuing their education after graduation.

Brad Wilson Memorial Scholarship – In 2012 the family of Bradley E. Wilson created the BWil Memorial Tournament featuring both an adult and youth division with proceeds given to a memorial scholarship fund in his honor. Brad passed away in 2011 from a heart attack at age 35. He was involved in organized bowling his entire life and he was an accomplished bowler known for his big stature yet smooth delivery. After his passing, he has been inducted into the GCV Hall of Fame. Although a competitive bowler his biggest enjoyment was the social aspect of the game, being able to do what he loved with friends and family in a more casual atmosphere. For that very reason the B‐Wil Tournament continues to be a very popular annual event as it encourages all skill levels to participate in a relaxed environment and emphasize what the sport of bowling is truly about…having fun!

Adrian Erickson Memorial Scholarship ‐ This scholarship was created in honor of Adrian Erickson who devoted over 60 years of his life to the sport of bowling. Adrian started working in bowling at age 11 as a pinsetter in West Union. By age 13 he was bowling adult leagues and he continued to bowl throughout his life, including during his time in the US Marine Corp. While he loved the sport of bowling, he decided to take it to another level by purchasing the first of five bowling centers in 1978. He continued to be actively involved in the day‐to‐day operations of his centers until the day he passed away. Adrian committed his time and effort to the bowling community by serving on the local association board of directors and taking on leadership roles within the Board. This eventually extended to the State level working with the Iowa State Youth USBC Board for several years and multiple conventions across the Midwest and the United States. He supported and promoted youth bowling, high school bowling, youth tournaments, and much more. His impact was best described when he was referred to as the Godfather of Bowling in the State of Iowa. Adrian passed away May 27, 2014, at the age of 72.

Eligibility criteria:
Each scholarship may use the criteria differently when awarding their scholarship. On the application you will be asked to provide information on how you meet the criteria.

  • Open to current youth sanctioned in the Greater Cedar Valley or eligible athlete on an Iowa High School Athletic Association Bowling Team residing in the Greater Cedar Valley.
  • High school senior, or student pursuing enrolled in post‐secondary education who has not been awarded this scholarship previously may be considered.

Requirements for application:
All of these requirements must be provided in order to be considered for the scholarships.

  • Completed application includes a signed applicant contact application form, responses to the application questions (typed on a separate document with as much detail as possible), essay (250 words or less), unofficial transcript or most recent grade report if out of high school.
  • Two references: Bowling coach, teacher, or counselor, etc. A reference can’t be from a parent or family member.
  • Application deadline is April 20. Completed applications can be left at Maple Lanes for the GCV Association Manager, Loretta, or emailed to

*See forms section for due dates instructions were to submit all scholarship applications*